Gallery at Somes Sound | Melita Westerlund

Gallery at Somes Sound | Melita Westerlund

Visiting artist

Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, Melita Westerlund’s studies began in Tunisia where she attended L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts.  Upon returning to Helsinki, Westerlund attended the free art school and the University of Arts and Design where she received her undergraduate degree.  Westerlund lived and created her art on three continents, Finland, Africa and the USA where she earned an MFA in sculpture from SUNY Buffalo.  In 1982, she moved with her family to Bar Harbor where she continues to create her art.  

Over many years Melita Westerlund has been exploring the interrelationship between color and form.  The shapes she creates and the colors she uses have been inspired by a combination of her American and African experiences and her Finnish background.  The polyglot influences combine to create a unique sculptural style that is fluid, organic and imaginative. Westerlund sculptures range in size from tabletop pieces to building sized commissions. While her early focus was figurative, her work evolved over time to a more abstract and complex style that she is currently known for.

Melita Westerlund is constantly exploring materials and challenging herself in the development of her art. Some of her more recent works are in recycled fiber and natural elements. In addition to her studio work, she has completed many public and private commissions.  Westerlund’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in New England, New York, Finland and Kenya.

Melita Westerlund's sculptures are available for viewing at The Gallery at Somes Sound from October 1 - 31, 2021