The Gallery at Somes Sound is proud to host Amy Brnger's Workshop! 

Participants will paint together for 3-days, and Amy will work with you to help you develop paintings that reflect the natural world but are also uniquely yours.  You will focus on direct observation and hone-in on finding a strong composition, practice color work and relationships, emphasize strong values, brush stroke energy, surface work, and warm and cool temperatures to help you develop spacious and rich paintings.

 Amy will demo and discuss issues unique to plein air painting: changing light and weather, using major shapes to keep you from getting bogged down in detail, and using color relationships without using an overabundance of tubes of color. Each day will begin with a demo related to the day's work. After this, participants work, receiving individualized feedback and instruction related to your painting style and intuitive touch.

Medium: Oil, acrylic or watercolor (Amy will demo in oil).

REGISTRATION PROCESS: To enhance the artist's experience during this workshop, we are accommodating a maximum of 12 participants. 
To register,  please contact Tyra Hanson,  Please provide a brief bio verifying your level of experience as a painter along with a few images of your work.  Tuition is $625 per person for the 3 days and will be due upon confirmation of your acceptance.
Lodging suggestions will be made available at time of registration.