East of Everything

Susan Abbott spends most of her time in New England where she is inspired by the rugged coastline of Maine and the Vermont countryside.  The towns and inlets nestled along Maine's down east coast reflects Abbott's love of painting landscapes filled with life's simple pleasures, rustic buildings, and the sense of solitude one finds when traveling east of everything.

During her informative years, Abbott spent time outdoors exploring the creeks and woods in her neighborhood.  These were her favorite childhood activities that influenced her work as an artist.  After an extensive education in formal art studies, focusing on figure painting and plein air landscape, Abbott went on to study printmaking in the graduate program at the University of Iowa.  Since that time,  she has been working as a professional artist, exhibiting in galleries and museums around the country.  Abbott conducts popular art workshops in Italy, France, India, the Bahamas, and locations around the United States.  


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