History of the Furniture Masters

In 1993, furniture makers David Lamb, Bill Thomas, Jere Osgood, Terry Moore, Lenore Howe and Brian Braskie and community members John Frisbee, Allison Banks, Jen Lucic, Mary McLaughlin and Tony Hartigan formed the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association. The founders had one goal in mind: to build public awareness of New Hampshire’s fine furniture makers and to cultivate an audience for their goods closer to home.

Present Day

Inspired by the rich furniture-making legacy of the 18th and 19th century New Hampshire cabinetmakers such as Samuel Dunlap, Langley Boardman, and Judkins and Senter, the Furniture Masters look forward as well as back. Their work encompasses all styles of furniture, from traditional to contemporary. As artists and masters of a craft that reaches deep into the quality of daily life, they are committed to cultivating and teaching new furniture makers, educating the public, and creating enduring works of outstanding quality.

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