5% of sales from Howie's show will be donated to Friends of Acadia because we support their mission of protecting, preserving, and promoting the ecological vitality of Acadia National Park.

As a landscape photographer and 2019 Acadia National Park – Artist in Residence, Howie Motenko presents “Acadia Moon Dance”, the result of exploring Acadia National Park for two years, under the full moon.  Acadia Moon Dance features images that are a fusion of Howie's creative sensibilities coupled with his observations of our natural world. "Expressing images in black and white represents how our eyes perceive the primeval, nighttime landscape."  Photographing with moonlight as the only source of illumination requires long exposures, between 30 seconds and 8 minutes, producing swirling stars and ethereal streams. The moonlight’s illumination reveals a mystical scene in an otherwise dark landscape. This project reflects Howie's interpretation of Acadia’s quiet stillness, intense power, and serene solitude.

To view more of Howie's work,  please visit Howie Motenko Photography.