Reception Wednesday, September 2, from 4 - 6 pm

We look forward to seeing you and are  now accepting reservations for all receptions.  Our receptions will be held outside by the water's edge with tours (maximum 6 people at a time) being offered inside the Gallery to view the show.  We encourage an early reservation to guarantee your attendance - for your comfort and safety, a maximum of 20 people will be at this event.

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5% of sales from Eline's show will be donated to the Land & Garden Preserve because we support their mission of protecting and conserving Mount Desert Island’s historic land and gardens.  

Eline Barclay looks for places and themes in her work that evoke and inspire her dialogue with nature. In her studio on Maine's Down east Coast, Barclay has found exactly the right synthesis of emotion and space, light and atmosphere. There is a mood of elegy in Barclay's work, reflecting a deep concern for a threatened ecosystem.

To view more of Eline's work available at The Gallery at Somes Sound, please visit Eline Barclay