David Witbeck spends a lot of his time on the rugged coast of Maine creating whimsical paintings of harbors and fishing villages; strategically placing lobster boats, fishermen and gulls into the landscape.  Witbeck's whimsical scenes of down east Maine evoke the imagination of viewers,  creating a dialogue between them and the painting .. getting lost in the details, finding themselves going back in time where life was simple and less complicated.

As a young art student, Witbeck took himself and art way too seriously. In the paraphrased words of the late Edgar Whitney, a respected art educator and watercolorist, an artist is a shape-maker, a symbol-finder and an entertainer.  Witbeck still takes his art seriously, but today Witbeck's serious intent is to create something that’s well designed and entertaining to look at. Having been a photographer for more than three decades, the greatest joy Witbeck has as a painter is freedom from reality. 


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