Gallery at Somes Sound | Rachel David

Gallery at Somes Sound | Rachel David

Rachel David, born in New Jersey and raised in Maryland, the daughter of a ceramic artist and an electrical engineer has always had a ferocious creative streak. For the past decade she has been a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana. She was introduced to metalworking in 7th grade shop class, then after a long break, resumed her study in 2001 and has since pursued it relentlessly. Her practice is utterly consuming and she considers her approach to smithing, art and life in a holistic manner attempting to manage all projects with good honest intention, foresight, and kindness. She can always be found in her shop or garden in the 7th Ward of New Orleans sweating and dreaming.

Through her art Rachel David seeks to represent the depths of human despair as well as the magical manic intensity of joy and love.

As an artist, she uses blacksmithing techniques to express emotions and intentions in iron and steel, materials naturally found in the center of the earth, our blood and outer space. The simple forging processes are the building blocks of her visual vocabulary allowing her to manipulate space, line, mass, and void to create the shapes that convey her reactions to life events. She heats the material to stretch it, to split and rejoin it, to put a hole in it or to make it more massive.

Each of these highly symbolic processes build the vocabulary of forms that layer together to tell stories. By manipulating steel  she creates forms that express fear, protectiveness, sensuality, violence, support and communication.

Rachel David uses repetition and pattern to drive compositions to create a sense of movement and urgency or contemplative reflection.