Bronze, glass, stone, wood and clay
Nature guides and inspires Sarah Seabury Ward in her search to share the wonder of shapes, transitions and animal essence. When she was eight, her western pony, Honey, was her companion. Seabury Ward rode along the tidal shores below the Nantucket bluffs and stopped to play with the cliff clay. She made animals with her hands and felt part of the rabbit, deer and bird world. When the tide came in her pieces washed away. If a piece had a neck sometimes it would “sing” as it sank, as though it had life and voice. The impermanence of shape changing back to sand and water let Seabury Ward “see” under the surface. As a dyslexic learner, Seabury Ward "read" the world through a window of wonder. She didn’t know that later in life her early beach and bluff explorations would find expression through her art in stone, wood and clay. Seabury Ward is always called back to the sea, the landscape that shapes her.....

Stone, Wood, Bronze and Glass Sculptors