We Are One ...  Artists Serena Bates and Sarah Seabury Ward feature sculptures of wildlife from both land and sea in various materials including bronze, ceramic, stone and cast glass.  

Though their styles are completely different, Bates and Ward both find inner peace and remain spiritually connected by working with their hands, creating sculptures that reflect their love for all living things .. 

"Stories are what define my work, what drive my vision, what inspire my hands...my life. My sculptures bring those stories to life, incorporating a symbiotic mixture of ideas and visions from people around me, the environment and materials where I'm working, and that sudden burst of illumination - often coming after I'm well into the sculpting process."  Serena Bates

"Nature guides and inspires me in my search to share the wonder of shapes, transitions and animal essence.  When I was a child, I played along the tidal shores below the Nantucket bluffs and stopped to play with the cliff clay. I made animals with my hands and felt part of the rabbit, deer and bird world. The impermanence of shape changing back to sand and water let me “see” under the surface. I didn’t know that later in life my early beach and bluff explorations would find expression through my art in stone, wood and clay. I am always called back to the sea, the landscape that shapes me." Sarah Seabury Ward