The Intimacy Between Space and Color ...The styles of Anne Ireland and Graham Dougherty are unique - all their own; though their perception of relationships in space and use of color are very similar ..  learn what motivates, challenges and connects these gifted artists to the  intensity, temperature and value of light.

"My paintings are the result of observation informed by imagination–a place where the iconic is seen in the emotional context of mystery and surprise. There is a powerful energy when sky meets ground. To intensify that connection I strive to create a psychologically-nuanced atmosphere of unexpected color, giving it depth and consequence."  Anne Ireland

"We give shape to our rooms; then rooms give shape to our lives. We pass through rooms unseeing; walls, floors, ceilings, doorways become unnoticed, accepted, ordinary.  It is light which transforms a commonplace and pragmatic enclosure into  a metaphor of remembered or desired sensations. In these paintings the architectural and measured elements become the abstracted structures of remembered events, both rational thought and remembered sensations become unified. The measured proportions give stability; the color, sensuality; while the patterns of abstracted light, reasoned in their geometric forms and sensual and ambiguous in their colors, give release and relief to an event remembered or sensation desired."  Graham Dougherty