RECEPTION:  October 12   4:00 - 6:00 pm

Subject in the case of this artist is not singular. Clay Kanzler has long ago left the picturesque in favor of the personal – explorations into the mystic (literally, as some paintings carry scriptural quotes and/or titles) and familial history. This latter group of works use time and space image overlaps (all in a single coat of paint!) to provide interwoven dreamscapes that shift and breath in a vaporish remove. These are ambitious, complex, labor-intensive works that offer themselves up with quiet yet implicit drama.  

The current work, while maintaining photo-derived imagery, continues to expand through varied formats. There are multiple pictures spliced side by side or stacked vertically or even several, one within another, as rectangular reverberations. Themes of the poetic include rolling clouds over coastal waves, bucolic carriage paths that appear and disappear in these tumbling, autobiographical dreams made visible.