The Spirit Within … while browsing through fine art galleries and museums, our senses awaken and expose emotions hidden deep inside whether from an experience of the past or the present.  Just as we experience these emotions, an accomplished artist has the ability to channel their energy through their work, sharing with others their feelings of joy, love, sadness, serenity.  That’s why I love art – it speaks to us, connecting our mind to our heart and soul, awakening the spirit within ..  Tyra Hanson

Please join us as we discover what motivates these talented artists - creatively, emotionally, spiritually


We are One


June 29 - July 13

Opening Reception Friday, June 29, 4 - 6pm

Serena Bates and Sarah Seabury Ward


For the Love of Land and Sea


July 14 - July 27

Opening Reception Saturday, July 14, 4 - 6pm

Donald Demers, William B. Hoyt and Joseph McGurl


The Intimacy between Space and Color


July 28 – August 10 

Soft Opening July 28, 10am - 5pm

Anne Ireland 


August 12 -  August 25

Soft Opening August 12, 1 - 5pm

Graham Dougherty


To Dance with Light and Energy


September 1 – September 14

Soft Opening:  September 1, 10am - 5pm

Eline Barclay


September 15 – September 28

Soft Opening: September 15, 10am - 5pm

Brian Emerson